Design Work

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Broadway OTT

Catch the magic of Broadway, anywhere, anytime. This OTT app brings the excitement of Broadway to your living room. Explore shows currently playing or coming soon, with easy access to trailers, ticketing information, and all the details you need. Available on Apple, Roku, and Amazon devices, the app lets you experience the thrill of Broadway at your convenience.

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News Data

Showcasing Value Through Design: This client needed a website that effectively highlighted their diverse newsletter bundles for subscribers. We crafted a user-friendly design that not only showcased the newsletters but also seamlessly integrated their subscription engine and career portal. This holistic approach ensured a smooth user experience, simplifying access to valuable resources.

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Calkins Media

Standing out from the crowd: Calkins' CEO envisioned a homepage that defied expectations. This design breaks the mold with a one-of-a-kind color scheme and interactive interface. The result? A captivating experience that instantly clarifies Calkins' mission and future direction.

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Social Media

I put my social media advertising and e-commerce skills to the test by creating a tennis shoe store from scratch. Check out the designs I developed and the ad campaigns that drove sales!